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    Working out my hourly rate?

    I'm living the newbie duality of talking to proper agencies and companies on one pricing structure and then offering my soul on UpWork etc for a bag of crisps!
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    Working out my hourly rate?

    I registered with an agency in London recently. Typical day rate for a senior designer (this was for packaging design in my case) £250 per day working on site. I'm new to freelancing and I wish I could calculate my hourly rate by dividing my anticipated wage over the week, but the reality is...
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    Indesign skills

    Personally I'd do this in Adobe Illustrator and then place the AI file into InDesign.
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    Client won't pay all the amount, can I keep some copyrights?

    Work for Money, Design for Love I found very useful relating to this I actually cribbed and customised the contract T&C's as the book suggests. That's what you need at the start of the project then you refer back to those...
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    Dribbble Invite.

    I'm sure it's too late, but, 'yes please!'
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    3D Aircraft Model Design Request

    I will fold a paper plane for free, if you supply the paper, but must be less than 250gsm. ;)