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    How much for this ?

    Hi, I sent you a pm the other day, please check your inbox
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    Urgent Logo Designer wanted

    Oh dear I usually notice that but I didn't bother pay attention today, lol so it is!
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    Urgent Logo Designer wanted

    ^^ Really love that one!!!
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    web design partner

    guys read the date of the original post...
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    Looking for Graphic Designer to volunteer for free

    Oh man that writer had me on the floor. I've never seen it before but wow he just put everything in to perspective!
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    A learner graphic designer?

    To be honest I think Michelle is doing a good service, its something I want to do myself when I start working fulltime again. Not necessarily charge the same prices but I do want to help smaller businesses with low budgets get a website or whatever it is I can offer. However I probably...
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    Graphic Designers Required

    I'm interested in this, sending you a pm now
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    Freelance web designer needed

    I agree, that price is quite low!
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    New Company Requires Logo

    Sending you a PM right now
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    1 page website template needed

    I've sent you a PM
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    Web Design Services

    Thanks Xenonsoft I hope so too! :icon_biggrin:
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    Web Design Services

    Hello all. I am trying to build up my portfolio and reputation so as a result I am offering the following services at a discount rate. My website: Digital Danvers 2009 PSD to HTML/CSS: £20- All pages will be cross browser compatible and usually delivered within 24hours. Two Page...
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    Looking for great web designers!

    I've just sent you a PM, please check. Thanks