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    .htaccess extentionless url rewrites breaking folder redirects?

    Right after some testing this is the culprit, had a bit of a feeling it was this as I was also having redirect issues just with the php rewriting I were using. # Rewrite files to extensionless urls RewriteRule ^([^/.]+)$ /$1.php [L] RewriteRule ^([^/.]+)$ /$1.html [L] RewriteRule ^([^/.]+)$...
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    Where to find royalty free photos?

    Now Pixabay have Shutterstock ads at the top row, but that website, damn it can catch people out also with the shutterstock popup every time you reload or go to a different page. They sure could work on their layout more.
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    Have a look what I have designed

    The less javascript the better. I'd rather a website with no animations but snappy, than a website filled with Javascript. Edit, sorry I just noticed this is quite an old post.
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    which design is better?

    Well right now I will say number one because that's the one I can see. Though the layout yes I think is nice, a header, then a nav bar, then the content then the footer. Personally I'm not fond of the bar above the footer, but the colours all go nicely together, and it's kind of the same logic...
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    Choosing Social Media

    A tool I don't particularly use massively, but is useful, Epoxy. Epoxy allows you to link a Twitter account, Instagram account, Facebook page, YouTube account. It'll automatically send posts to your linked Facebook page when you publish videos on YouTube, then it'll alert you of who...
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    Tips for Designers Who Don’t Code

    Only time shortened urls are appropriate is when you cannot hyperlink text, and have a list, but that's not the case here, you can hyperlink text, and so the editor is a WYSIWYG editor, so no reason not to just link the full original links. And when shortened links are approriate, such as on...
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    Html, CSS, JavaScript etc editor

    I used to be using Weebly for my websites, but then since beginning of last year I was looking around for self hosted WYSIWYG solutions. Must of literally gone through every damn WYSIWYG editor, meaning as the drag and drop ones that are like Weebly. Emailed about 20 different companies asking...
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    Favourite Fonts

    For me, Marker Felt and Patrick Hand just are so awesome. I've always been one for Comic Sans when making documents. Used to use a kind of wacky font for my YouTube/website logo, but since last year, when I tried finding a font similar to that I used to use, I came across Marker Felt. Loved...
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    .htaccess extentionless url rewrites breaking folder redirects?

    Hi, on my sites, I'm wanting extentions to be removed, and then any extentioned requests get rewritten, also removing the trailing slash. By doing this, people can land on the page they want whether they put html, php, htm, or shtml (if there's more common extentions for web pages will be good...
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    Jasja the Wolf

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