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    Village Green Cider - Bottle Label and logo

    Jam Jars and Bottles Hi Ben, Our company, Jam Jar Studios, specialises in branding and design for print. Village Green Cider sounds exactly like the kind of project we enjoy. We can also help source and manage the label manufacture if you would like us to take the hassle out of the print...
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    Exciting Project - Designer needed

    Interested designers here Hi Willmath, We would be very interested in seeing your demo and discussing this further with you. We are experienced graphic designers, web developers and Flash animators. If you would like to view our portfolio, please see the link below.
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    Adobe Programs???

    Worth it If I can give you one piece of advice... wear sunscreen... er I mean buy a legit copy. I would invest in one of the 'Creative Suite' bundles rather than buying one or two packages stand-alone, it will be a hell of a lot cheaper in the long run. Another bit of advice - contact your...
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    Which Program for which job?

    Cheers for the compliments John, I guess what I mean is that we always find Quark pretty inflexible and lacking some of the functionality of InDesign. Most of the agencies, magazines etc we have worked with are moving away from Quark and every designer I've discussed this with (dare I say)...
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    Open Source Design Software

    Open Source Open Source software is often really very good, and the popular packages like GIMP have huge communities who work out of love and devotion, not cash which often yields better results and faster bug fixes. Having said this, I use the Adobe Suite as it is industry standard...
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    Font Backup & PC to MAC

    Crossfont Crossfont is the daddy! I can't say I've ever had to use it to create a Mac font as (unless you have something ancient) they recognise truetype and opentype fonts. If you're trying to convert from Mac to PC though it's definitely worth the investment.
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    Which Program for which job?

    Yeah, I'd agree with the general consensus. I came to the party as a web designer and software developer so very much in the same vain as you Fade. My business partner, Emma is the graphic design genius and she swears by Illustrator for almost everything. We do use InDesign a lot for document...
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    Final year/ graduate graphic designer north east needed

    Hi Mick, I have just sent you a private message. Please feel free to call me if you would like to discuss this further. Tom