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    Print Quotation Required.

    Hi all Would anyone like to quote for the following job, its only a short run but thay all count. 40 Table Menus Flat sheet size - 508mm x 355mm On 350gsm silk stock + matt lamination on both sides In full colour on both sides + bleed Creased twice into a 6pp Artwork supplied by us...
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    Vinyl Banner Quotation Required

    Hi Guys Anyone willing to quote for the following Banner 1 x External Vinyl Banner 5ft x 5ft Full colour + eyelets Delivered to Blackpool Complete artwork supplied Thanks Wayne Inktelligence
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    Microsoft Word letterhead...

    Hi Jamie I was asked for the samething a few weeks ago, its easy enough. Save your design as a jpeg & insert the image into word. Scale to the correct size & send to the image to the back. Create a new text box over the Letterhead design & start typing. Job done. Wayne Inktelligence
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    Has Social Networking been of benefit to you?

    Thanks Corrosive I totally agree with what your saying, Im fairly new to new to Business Socail Networking so Ive been spending much more time on this recently, trying to learn as much as possible which can only benefit my business in the long run, so any sites/blogs which you think could...
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    Has Social Networking been of benefit to you?

    Hi Guys Facebooks been good for me so far, plenty of enquiries + a decent few orders, Twitter on the other hand has been the complete opposite. Wayne Inktelligence Inktelligence
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    Clear business cards needed

    Clear Business Cards ?? Hi Dave Id try Plastic Cards | Plastic Card Manufacturer | Business Membership Loyalty Cards for the clear Business Cards if your still looking, ive outsourced a few to them over the years and always had great service. Thanks Wayne Inktelligence
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    Add your Twitter name here....

    Twitter Twitter - Inktelligence
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    Help To Settle An Argument please...VAT

    Vat Im with you Sam, I always charge VAT regardless of the product being designed.
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    Urgent Labels Quotations Required

    Hi All Im looking for a new label supplier to supply various sized labels in full colour, anyone intrested please quote for the following small run asap 1000 Labels (500 x 2 sorts) (153mm x 454mm) On mid gloss stock In full colour + barcoded Supplied on rolls Artwork supplied. This...
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    How much to charge for a strapline?

    Hi Johnny You have done what you were asked to do, so Id supply both logo & strapline on disk & expect payment for both based on an hourly rate. Wayne Inktelligence
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    Is charging your client up front for print bad form?

    100% payment upfront everytime for me - dont really need the hassle of slow/non payers. Wayne Inktelligence
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    Brochure Binding Options

    Wiro Binding Hi Id recommend the Wirobinding option, i have quite a few clients that ask for it & and its cheap enough providing you have the regular business.