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    Ahhh I am dumb

    Woah there. I really wouldn't go infringing ANY of Coca Cola's trademarks if I were you - and I'm pretty sure the classic coke bottle is one of those....
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    Frutiger LT Pro

    Nicking it, I'd have thought. There are literally hundreds of torrents out there. That having been said, I wouldn't feel comfortable complaining when I get ripped off by a client if I knew that I'd half-inched a bunch of fonts...
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    Print blog

    :icon_lol: Quite right, Boss. If I subscribe to yours will you subscribe to mine? :icon_cheers:
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    Print blog

    Hi everyone, So I'm going to be straight up and admit that I'm affiliated with these guys, but I'm posting this print blog because I actually find it's pretty helpful. Written for the layman, so I find it useful to send to clients, esp the article on how to write a brief! Pulse Print Blog...
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    Printing/Embroiding on Baby Grows

    Hi Rob, Have you got any more details? If it's a high enough quantity we might be able to help you out. Cheers Richard
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    Multiple Business Card Design

    Hi SmileBCS, Did you find someone to take this contract in the end? Richard
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    Multiple Business Card Design

    Hi, We can offer you a flat rate of £30 per design, and have the flexibility to cover as much work as you have to offer. We're a newly established agency, with a lead designer who has 6 years' experience working in design, so we're more than happy to take this kind of work on. Get in touch if...