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    New venture logo design

    Thanks Andy - there's no set 'rates' since every project's different, but if you'd like to fill in a few details here I can expand upon it -
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    New venture logo design

    Maybe I can be of help? -
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    Blurred photos on my cheapo website

    Homepage images have a touch of pixellation, not terrible, but the gallery images seem fine. Unfortunately it's what you're up against with cheap web hosting - they heavily 'optimise' things to save on their servers.
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    Looking for designers for regular daily paid work

    Drop me an email if you're still looking, my work can be found here - Stuart @ inkbotdesign . com
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    The average cost of design per hour....

    Haha, maybe I'll join you! ;)
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    hi looking for some advice

    If you don't have much of a portfolio to speak of, you could try and build it up with sites like upwork or freelancer (dotcom). They aren't the greatest or most reliable form of finding the best clients, but definitely good for a few hours work a week.
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    Require designer for 2 to 3 weeks work asap

    I'm available if you need -
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    The average cost of design per hour....

    Seems quite low, my usual rate is £120 per hour ($170 approx per hour) - usually for layout work, and smaller projects.
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    Creative services pricing app for iOS now in Beta

    Seems interesting - how do I check it out?
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    Graphic Designer looking for SEO or SMM Expert

    Hi folks I'm a graphic designer, primarily specialising in Branding and logo design, but am looking for someone interested in exchanging their skills on either SEO or SMM/Content Marketing. My usual rate is £120p/hr but am more than open to an agreement that best suits. Work can be seen here...