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    How to illustrate a map

    As you know the image quailty is low. So you can not trace or draw this map . I will prefer to ask client or take help from google map to draw it accordingly,
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    Website Speed Issue

    Please check the olx website, they are using AMP technology,And Amazingly its pretty much faster.
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    Website Speed Issue

    Yes Amp is best option its latest and fast. I will recommended you to optimze CSS/JS/Images compress these following these will also help you boost your ranking in desktop version as well.
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    Cold emails, legal or illegal?

    Cold email is purely and simply illegal. That's all.
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    Does anyone know how to achieve this effect?

    If you need these effects you need to try Adobe after effect with using plugins for making the perfect animation, and for text effect you can download the different presets . Hope this will help you.
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    Looking for SEO Help!

    I will prefer you use this tool. First you need to fix all possible on page issue and make more quality backlinks this will help you.
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    Website Builder Sites

    Yes Agreed you are right :) most business doesn't required , as they just create a showcase Website with their little information.
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    Website Builder Sites

    Yes Alright, Bespoke website is best thing for all size of business. instead of going with website builder.
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    What is my Job Title?

    You don’t need to position yourself in the industry. Anyone viewing your work or communicating with you will quickly ascertain your true level of experience.
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    Twitter New Layout - it's a bit rotten!

    I really hate the fact that web designers now literally forget that PC users exist
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    Best software for logo design?

    Yes, You have spoken my mind. really glad you have endrose the same..
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    Is Dreamweaver considered a good tool for web design?

    When Anyone who is not aware of coding then they start with Dreamweaver for editing and building a website. In todays world developers preferred Visual Studio, Sublime and notepad++ these alternative.
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    Website Builder Sites

    The best and good option is wordpress, whereas you can quickly create your creative and fast website and it won't be off the shelf.
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    Best software for logo design?

    I agreed, Once we design a logo on illustrator, then we must have Photoshop skill as well, wheres we can represent our logo in mockup style, that makes our logo WOW!..
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    Best software for logo design?

    Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop both are good software to design a eye-catchy and creative logo.