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    Poster Printer required

    Hi, I would be pleased to quote supply these, will contact off list. Regards Craig
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    Monitor Colour inconsistencies

    Here's a link to an old article summarising working spaces which may help folk understand the "which cmyk" or "which rgb" question. Regards. Specifying working spaces
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    Monitor Colour inconsistencies

    Scott, going back to your original post... Your issue isn't about colour spaces. If your monitor is displaying the cmyk make up you mention as a neutral then your monitor is a long way out. In any colour space those values will give you a purple. Get yourself a basic colourimeter or...
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    Monitor Colour inconsistencies

    I hope you won't mind if i clarify a few things as I think a few of the points are a little unclear. "CMYK and RGB are different gamuts." - No. CMYK are colourants. When you work in Adobe CS you work in a specific CMYK colour space (default is US Web Coated SWOP, but FOGRA39 is more common...
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    Producing a file for billboard printing

    Your file unedited has pixels 7mm square when run 28m wide. Your designer is saying you need pixels 1.7mm square. (your file gives 3.5ppi, your designer says you need 15ppi) Working that very useful formula backwards, 15ppi suggests a viewing distance of 38feet. (presumably before you can...
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    Best paper to print posters for A boards?

    I always laminate outside posters unless using my solvent machine. BUT assuming your A Board has a clear plastic front panel (eg. Trappa form Ultima, Icon from Plex, or pretty much any other changeable graphic A Frame thinking about it) a good polyprop will suit short term on the 6100. Give Mick...
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    Transfer printing

    It's a white film on a clear backing. The roll they give us is unmarked so I don't know what it is but will find out. This roll is only 610mm wide. We solvent print, cut and weed it. How you see it there is how it leaves us. The logos are then peeled off, positioned, and heat pressed on i...
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    Transfer printing

    We print digitally onto a heat pressed material a client free issues. I think it's only a narrow roll though. Will find out.
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    Curved surface printing

    Love the unusual stuff. Right up our street. It's unlikely you'll printed this to acrylic once it's already curved. (I'm assuming you're drape moulding it?) You could try printing it flat and then drape moulding it but the print is likely to distort in the oven. (or worse). I have put...
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    Colour printing at 100,000dpi

    I can't see any value to increased output resolution in large format print, or even standard printing. These sorts of resolutions might be useful for security work, but no practical use in normal commercial printing springs to mind.
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    Which colour guide is right?

    Always remember - you don't design in CMYK or RGB. You design in a specific CMYK or RGB. AdobeCS ships with the NA Prepress Defaults of sRGB and US WebCoated SWOP, but you can change those to whatever you like. (and you should!) It's worth taking some time to understand what they are. FOGRA 27...
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    FESPA 2013 - What were your highlights?

    I went to FESPA last Friday. Always good to see the nice shiny machines, but highlights for me were a blade on a stick and some fancy laminates. What were your highlights?
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    Sticker Printing Advice

    Hi, It doesn't sound like you'll be using it in a heavy way and the market is full of budget cutters. Nothing in your message suggests you need a printer. There are budget ones on vinyl cutter | eBay or you might contact Vinyl Cutters | Sign Making Plotters or someone like them if you want...
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    Gold foil printing on flag

    Use cut vinyl instead?
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    Printing Advice

    Sorry to hear that, that's not like him at all. Glad you've found someone that can do it.