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    Where can I get this font?

    I'm looking to get tempo heavy condensed font to download for free, does anyone know where I can get it from? Cheers
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    College work mental block.

    I know this sounds really boring but try making a big mood board and include all the things that relate to elements, It could mean the natural elements or as you say the elements of art. Try and pack as much research and pictures for reference as you can whilst writing it down as you go along...
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    DeviantArt? Your thoughts

    The sad thing is that if that were to happen now, it would get more recognition than what it did back then. Simon Cowell would just be indifferent and be idolising his own reflection in Cheryl Cole's shiny forehead.
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    Use of Helvetica

    Helvetica is a great font but I know what you mean. For me fonts like Bebas and Akzidenz Grotesk (which was wayyyy before Helvetica) are a better alternative.
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    Too Many Fonts!

    I have a million fonts, beat that.
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    DeviantArt? Your thoughts

    But would you really want some dribbling moron singing Speedway? For turtle faced Louis Walsh saying "you've nailed it!"
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    Our design heroes

    Yes! Have you seen his incredible Star Wars posters? His Evil Dead poster is brilliant too, a really claver simple style.
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    DeviantArt? Your thoughts

    I agree, after you've trudged through 78 pages of glittery vector mask eyes and gif cats you do find the odd golden nugget of design or illustration. I should update it really and put some newer stuff on! Thanks about my Smiths stuff!
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    DeviantArt? Your thoughts

    Hi there, I've not logged into DeviantArt for yonks and just decided if any of you lot have any work you'd like to share. I've got some old nuggets in the gallery, just pencil drawings and doodles mostly of Morrissey and Mark E Smith. rosie-etc's deviantART gallery