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    New site now live - Feedback

    I understand that you don't care about search engine optimisation at this point, but sort out <meta tags> ..all of them (not only the next mentioned one) as i'm too lazy tonight (it is friday) here is quick one about Meta Description - it is too short as contains ONLY 3 characters. This...
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    Need 25 likes a.s.a.p

    can provide 100 likes for a banner ;)
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    Facebook Like Button Integration Headache - Help!!

    ok... i will be very short: 0) I suppose you have a FB fan page - if not, create one. 1) go to Like Box - Facebook Developers 2) create a <Like Box> for yourself 3) copy the code 4) post it in your page (side bar) 5) refresh the screen and enjoy the retrieved Likes with faces and all...
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    mailto question

    :D don't forget that there are clients who don't use Outlook (in 90% of cases this link will trigger Outlook)... what will happen next? outlook setup window will open and your client might loose any interest in your services or products (i've seen cases like these). I would suggest to you...
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    Anyone else suffer like me? - logo woes.

    a tip don't lose the professional attitude and if you will keep that in mind - you will be able to make logos for yourself as fast and as easy as you do for your clients p.s. perfect things are utopy - finish the job and move forward :)
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    15 fun facts about Graphic Design

    ok - this was an intersting fact... and guess what! the pagerank of this site is only 7! :D the first ever website here is the video about CERN (to understand why it was possible): SARgkwczvAE