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    Live trace on detailed sketch with fade effect?

    I did it in Ai, I'm using the CC version now but I know you can still do it in earlier versions.
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    Live trace on detailed sketch with fade effect?

    It is possible to vectorise it using the image trace tool, but you don't get too much detail. Here is what I came up with after having a quick play around: I applied a default image trace then ran it through a couple settings on the image trace panel, then, I selected the 'expand' button...
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    Nursery Design Critique

    I like it, I do agree with the above comments about making that right hand side stand out a little more. You could Cufon the main titles so they don't look so plain, maybe use the same font as in the menu.
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    What it's like to own an Apple product

    I love the Oatmeal - he's a genius :icon_notworthy:
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    logo crit

    I'm not too keen, it's not very obvious what the shape is meant to be? What is the triangle in the middle representing? Neautral tones spring to mind when thinking of an animal charity, greens, browns, creams - not as vivid as the ones you have chosen. Put a colour pallete together and...
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    Business Card - Critique!

    That's some really nice design work Daniel, I especially like the E on the front. The only suggestion I'd have is making the 'evolvegamer' part of the web address bigger than the 'www', or making it all the same size - just a thought anyway. Holly
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    Please Please Help

    Hi there, I'd suggest you reproduce the map yourself; I'm not aware of any website where you can download maps for commercial use, unless someone else can suggest somewhere. Road maps are copyrighted so you couldn't just scan one in and use that. Here is a tutorial that I've found that...
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    InDesign CS3 Help: Error Code 3

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I created an InDesign CS3 Document a couple of weeks ago and have come to open it up today and keep getting the following message: Could not complete your request because of a database error The file " " is damaged. (Error code:3). I've tried...
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    FANTASTIC Competition Coming Soon!! READ HERE

    C'mon, the suspense is killin' me!
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    how do you create this reflection?

    Try this video tutorial: It helped me when I wanted to do a laptop reflection. The object they use is simpler, but it works on the same principal.
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    Indesign CS4 pdf font issues!

    Generally I just convert the particular font to paths: Type -> Create Outlines. It can be a bit of a pain if you need to go back and edit the text so I always make a copy of the document as it is before I convert the font. I don't use CS4 but do use CS3 so I assume this option is still...
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    GDF Forum - HELP!

    I really like it - it's nice and fresh as people have been saying. I too like the "Latest Threads" plus it's easy to find twitter and RSS buttons. The layout is good, there's nothing wrong with the way it works now so as that old saying goes - if it ain't broke don't fix it! The blue is...
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    How much to charge a charity?

    We have previously done work for a charity and we charged them the exact same amount that we would charge anyone else. As a charity they we're entitled to public funding i.e Government & Lottery. They submitted a funding bid for the amount they needed and spent the money as stated in the...
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    Monitor Problems!

    Thank you, you've been very helpful - those other threads are great too, now I've got a few to choose from! :icon_cheers:
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    Monitor Problems!

    Hi all, I work on a PC and am looking for a new monitor after the one I'm using decided it didn't want to display light colours anymore. Everything is just really bright and saturated and no amount of messing with the settings has helped so I've decided to invest in a new screen. This...