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    Question from a youngling

    Ok, i'm going to say something but I don't want you to be offended or demoralized. It's bad and there is no design to it. Now keep reading with me. The worse thing you could do now is get a bit annoyed and stop it altogether but what you should do is this: research. Go on this site and start...
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    Traditional Portfolio vs Digital Portfolio

    Sure, before the interview you'd have to have a digital one to send, of course. That's essential to get any level of interview. For this i'd say website is the best option although I couldn't upload more than half of my work (as it wasn't technically mine to show even though I designed it.. it...
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    What would a Graduate Freelancer charge?

    First off good job on getting yourself out there and your first client is always super exciting, well done :) Now, over time you will notice that many clients will very often promise future work but (in my experience) only about 20% of them actually convert, regardless of the quality of work...
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    Traditional Portfolio vs Digital Portfolio

    So far every interview related to design has needed a physical portfolio. However, that can just be a backup... I wouldn't have any problem someone showing me a presentation or pdf file of their work on a laptop / tablet etc.
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    Job Title & Position

    I think you're pretty excited and looking forward to get going. I'm always glad to see this when anything is starting off, but (if you don't mind me being honest) it all sounds a little bit disorganized 'a few days later, she said that she wants to create a separate company', 'I'm confused what...
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    Single Page Website Design

    I have 6mb download and took me about 5 sec to see it. One suggestion i would make is when you click on a case study you should be able to carry on scrolling to go through those slides instead of it returning back to the main slides. Once it got to the end of the case study slides it can then...
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    Screwless furniture

    Ummm cool stuff but this forum is more about graphic / web design compared to furniture stuff so I can't really say much apart form nice work! You're welcome to hang around though, just not loving the whole 'check my behance site' approach...
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    rhino logo

    Ahem... *stencil font
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    Wordpress / Web Designer Required

    I can't stop laughing at this XD ehehehehee
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    rhino logo

    Nice. Suggestion: keep the typography off the background lines (ie: don't have the text on top of the icon behind. Instead, make it all white behind so it doesn't get mixed up. I like the font. How would it look with thicker lines? A few parts of it are veeery thin, which might cause problems...
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    rhino logo

    Oh, I actually thought it was a horn at first. Nice idea here. I'd say don't use the font you did in the 2nd version of sketches, makes it look dated. Love the concept so far.
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    rhino logo

    I'm afraid that's cheating ;)
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    rhino logo

    Yes so far the middle one is working best. The font on the last one is.. erm.. not very nice XD good job so far.
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    need help with my logo.

    Notice how simple and clear those two logos you posted. Maybe go in that direction :)
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    personal branding. help

    Reminds me of Tesla for some reason. Real nice work :)