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    Impressed (I think)

    i just checked and your halfway on page one
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    Link Exchange

    i think its best to get links manually. keep track
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    What Google Services do you use more often?

    if your into seo then i think Google analytics Webmaster tool
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    Article Submit, which website is best?

    try these Buzzle Web Portal: Intelligent Life on the Web WebProNews | eBusiness News, Search News, and Business Videos
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    Twitter has SEO Value...

    i agree, but you will need to keep tweeting every day to make it work right?
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    Are you a young/new talented illustrator?

    thanks for the link, will check it out
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    Catherine Preston > Vector illustration

    i do love the first image, great stuff!!, it looks like she used the mesh tool on illustrator?
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    Linda Huber > The Master Of The Graphite Pencil

    im truley inspired by this stuff, i used to be a portrait artist myself, i feel like i need to take some time out and think about doing some more of this, its been years!!
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    Interactive Drawings (with a little help from Photoshop)

    btw, does anyone have a link to these artists?
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    Interactive Drawings (with a little help from Photoshop)

    wow, that is absolutely fantastic stuff, i might try that at home lol, actually that could be done with a wacom too
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    Illustrations by the Cous Cous Kid

    i couldnt agree more, its all about mixing vectors with bitmaps, corel illustrator or inkscape with photoshop