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    Illustration / Cartoon Required

    Sorry this took so long Boss Hog, we have been moving house and office:icon_scared:, but back online so will pm you some details :icon_smile:
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    Wacom Cintiq Tablet & Laptop for sale

    I have a used in excellent condition Wacom Cintiq tablet for sale and also a Toshiba (Windows Vista) laptop, which can go together or separate. Cintiq comes with pen, glove, instructions, all cables and is boxed £500 cost £1000 new Laptop comes with cables and bag. £100 Just message me for...
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    Google Adwords

    We have and are, but then instructed Mike to help us :icon_smile:
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    Small business logo :)

    We can do cartoons for you :icon_smile: or if you want any other logo, we recommend Gareth:icon_wink:
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    Profiling Designers

    Fuzzy interested :icon_biggrin:
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    Designer/Illustrator required

    Fuzzy may be able to help with the cartoons. Check out our website in the signature and if you need anymore information, give us a shout :icon_biggrin:
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    Opinions on Tablets

    Happy playing :icon_wink:, nice tidy desk too:icon_biggrin:
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    Company Name/Logo... Need Help

    Love it!:icon_smile:
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    Interactive Drawings (with a little help from Photoshop)

    Excellent, thanks for sharing:icon_smile:
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    Freelance Designers and Artists required.

    Hi Fuzzy here:icon_smile: We have had our work published for Christmas cards by and you can see our range of cartoons on our website :icon_thumbup: If you need any further information, just let me know:icon_biggrin:
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    Deposit rules?

    We ask for money up front and send proofs along the way until the client is happy - no refunds. Just make sure your T&C's are clear and precise. Lots of luck!:icon_smile:
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    Clever Wedding Invitation

    Great stuff, very clever:icon_smile:
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    CARTOONS for 'BINGO' theme required

    Hi there! Fuzzy can help - please see our website for examples of cartoons, caricatures and business logos - any questions, -just ask away :icon_smile:
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    Amazing website – worth a look

    Oh I liked it, another vote for black :icon_biggrin:
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    Critique please?

    That looks great:icon_smile: