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    Designing for yourself... difficult or not?

    I think it's easy enough if you have the processes in place. Simply follow them as you would do for a client. Just be careful not to get too caught up in tastes.
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    Design Price advice

    I would quote a price for the initial design i.e. layout grid, colour palette, setting up all style sheets and proof of cover and internal spread. With this quote I would also then give a price per page for once the initial stage is signed-off by the client. I've found this to be the best way...
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    Quoting for stock photography

    Another two pennies worth... I guess it's like taking your car to the garage. The mechanic can only really accurately estimate the job when they have diagnosed the problem.
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    Quoting for stock photography

    Thanks for the replies. It's interesting to see how others quote for this. It's not too bad when you know that the brief may require a brochure, for example, from the outset as we can then take this into account and quote accordingly. Sometimes we get given a brief and part of the initial...
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    What would you have been if not a designer?

    Rock climber. It's my other passion, but one which does not pay the bills. Luckily I love creativity and design too.
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    Quoting for stock photography

    One thing I've always struggled with is quoting for stock photography in advance of a project. For example; Proposals include project estimates based upon experience of solving similar business problems / briefs previously (timescale wise). However, it's only when the project has started...
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    Freelance charges

    Hi Jo Best thing is to be proactive rather than reactive. By this I mean work out your cost of doing business and then add your required profit on top of that. Don't forget to include any rent (only the percentage of which you use for doing business) and your salary etc. Usual profit areas vary...