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    Ps3 vs Xbox 360

    still, thank you!
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    Graphics vs Gameplay

    thank you people.
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    Graphics vs Gameplay

    Most of the gamers I know say that graphics don’t influence at all while they play. They say it’s all about skill and imagination, that “graphics just enhance the experience a bit”. I’m pretty sure that in the videogaming industry, there are 2 different sections (at least) that separate the...
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    Forbidden Color Combinations?

    I’ve read around that color theorists and designers in fashion or computer graphics have coined phrases based around what colors shouldn’t go together. A couple of them are:”Red and Green Should Not Be Seen” and “Blue and Green Should Never Be Seen without Something in Between”. I am a newbie so...
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    Ps3 vs Xbox 360

    Which one has better Graphics and why do you think so? I think the 360's textures and lighting are better, but the PS3 has better draw distance and anisotropic filtering.
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    Kung Fu Panda

    How did they do Po’s hair? I want to create a tennis ball for a commercial and for print and one of my friends invited me to participate. I want the ball to have the hair/fur texture, any hints?