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    Html, CSS, JavaScript etc editor

    Plus one for Sublime - our devs swear by it.
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    Caclulating ROI on a website

    Yeah, immediately after asking, I googled it and I must admit it looks a nightmare. As an aside, we set up this new switchboard which is integrated with Google analytics and one of the options is to have music playing while the phone rings through to us. I chose the 'Sixties' option and on my...
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    Caclulating ROI on a website

    What do you mean by 'filtering referral spam?'.
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    Caclulating ROI on a website

    Just written an article on how to calculate ROI on a website. In summary, you need to ensure you are tracking traffic and conversions with Google Analytics and the one which most people don't do - integrating phone tracking with Google analytics. I'd be interested to know how far other...
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    User insight tools

    There are a quite a few user insight tools out there these days such as inspectlet, optimisely et al which all charge and quite a bit. Have a look at some of the analytical tools Yandex provide for free and not trial versions either. Not bad eh?
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    Help to correct this code

    Think I would have used display:inline-block on the button which would allow you to set a margin on it. Setting .wrapper { margin-top:-50px; } sometimes has a knock on effect with elements either above or below the wrapper which position themselves according to the position the button was in...
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    Which language to learn next?

    Take XHTML out of that list anyway. If you want to specialise in front end development then I'd suggest the following: Responsive design JavaScript Jquery Frameworks like angular.js spring to mind To make yourself even more employable then a back end language like PHP would be nice with Symfony...
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    New Site?

    The one thing that bugs me about using a premium theme is that you start off with a design and then shoehorn content into it. You end up with a website for a plumber looking like Vogue. ideally you need to have your content ready and THEN decide on design. Still - not everyone has the budget to...
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    First Client being difficult

    Most clients just don't get that creating a brand is not creating a logo THEY like. Maybe as part of the process in the future you have a kick off meeting and explain a bit more about what you will be trying to do and who you will be trying to engage with - i.e. her target audience
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    Using Wordpress Themes for clients

    Nail - head. Using a premium theme you effectively shoe horn what you have in to the design available. That said - sometimes it doesn't work out too badly when you consider what that kind of budget might have produced.
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    Website specifications

    I think one of the major problems is there is no budget for an ongoing marketing campaign which would do something with the new website and they sit there expecting amazing things and all of a sudden nothing happens.
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    Website specifications

    Yup - I get that. Stock reply is 'show me something in writing that says you wanted this'. If it was so important why wasn't it in the spec or at least an email - why was it only mentioned in a meeting? I specifically say in the contract anything discussed in a meeting does not form a part of...
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    Website specifications

    It's surprising the number of times I'd found it quite hard to actually get someone to be specific about what they want. Brief email, quick phone call and they want a quote - makes me run mile. I understand that for some creating a specification may be their first time so here's a website...
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    Using Wordpress Themes for clients

    It's worth spending some time looking into what the premium theme offers and how it works. There is a great deal of difference - one theme might use shortcodes for everything and another might use visual composer. One theme might be very, very poorly coded and another lean and mean. Basically...
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    Where to find cafe type food and drink photos

    you can't drink photos - sorry it's Friday night.