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    Im a little confused as to what Typography actually is... (im new'ish btw) Is it the design of an entirely new font? Or, is it taking an already existing font and using it in an artistic and creative way?
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    Complete Noob =)

    Ah, ok.. yeh ive been followin alot of photoshop tutorials lately just to experiment and stuff.. i think exploring my own imagination and creating some unique stuff would be a good idea too, i just dont think i know where to start?? do you mean in photoshop? I didnt mean to suggest graphic...
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    Complete Noob =)

    Hi, Im new and looking for some advice, career wise... When i was at school, i discovered i was quite arty and creative and got abit of attention from other school kids and teachers for my art work.. i took art and design as a GCSE and considered Graphic Design as my main career choice. To...