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    The definitive article of Grid Design

    Thank you for the link Xenonsoft..
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    Fireworks 8 a couple of questions

    Is your monitor 800x600? Most are not nowadays, I use javascript to detect this old screen resolution to auto resize my page.
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    How did you get your business out there?

    Exactly! Don't target the whole market you will fail, specialize in something and you will be successful.
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    Fireworks 8 a couple of questions

    You import it.
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    Fireworks 8 a couple of questions

    There is not a standard canvas size when developing webpages in fireworks or photoshop as there are different ways of developing a webpage. Some people start with a canvas size a bit larger than the screen resolution there working to. 1024x768 is the size of most screens but not all, and we...
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    Web Development work from home?

    Why not try an outsourcing site such as elance or getafreelancer. These sites let you create an account usually free and then you can bid on projects to complete at home. When you have completed the project to the buyers satisfaction you get paid for your work. This is a very competitive...