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    Which icon do you guys prefer?

    Number 4. Never number 2.
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    That's hand-drawn.
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    Mass Send Different Emails to the same list at the same time?

    If you used something like Mailchimp you could import your mailing list and have a field for the individual code, so your mailing list file would be made up of first name, last name, email address and code. Then you would just call that field in the email which would be something like **CODE**...
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    Artworker briefs

    Well a typical job for an artworker would be to take a low-res design/scamp from a designer/art director and turn it into print ready artwork. So I guess you could take some of the designs from D&AD and then go from there?
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    Artworker briefs

    Is D&AD relevant for an Artworker?
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    Artworker briefs

    Folder cutter guides were always something an old company used to test people on. Would be worth practicing these - and cutter guides in general.
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    Graphic Tablets

    Just got myself a Bamboo and you get £5 off if you’re a new customer on their website so it came to £44.99 which seemed to be pretty much the best price I could find at the moment. Wacom eStore
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    Funny list of annoying things clients say to graphic designers

    That’s fine if you’re getting paid by the hour, but otherwise :icon_Wall:
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    Print formats changed!

    Not a lot you can do but just get on with it. I had exactly the same job recently (charity calendar) and ended up resizing it so they could get it printed cheaply. Not sure if they ever got it done though - hope not as it still had placeholder text on it!
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    The Kerning Game

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    Do a few tutorials like Big Dave’s mentioning and you will get the hang of it straight away.
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    Well you could do it all in HTML (like I mentioned above, for HTML emails perhaps), but if you use CSS then you make your life a lot easier by referencing a single external style sheet. So you set your structure up in HTML and then when you want to make it look pretty - over the whole website -...
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    HTML is the code used for content structure, CSS is the code used for content style.
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    Tables and fonts with style attributes still have their place in HTML emails though don’t they? I guess they just need to cover all the bases.
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    Indesign or Illustrator for Packaging Projects

    Illustrator too. Packaging can be quite technical and you get the precision you need in an illustration page - not a dtp package. That being said, I have created cutter guides in Illustrator and placed them into InDesign before but only for basic stuff like swing tags.