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    Which Browser Do You Currently Use?

    Chrome most of the time for me, though I use IE a lot just to make sure my website will actualy display correcty in it :)
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    UK Copyright Law Changes

    I think it will always come down to who steals your work, if you cant afford to pursure them in the courts over IP theft, then people will get away with it. I have had several ocasions where my work has been taken, sometimes a letter from a solicitor works, other times it doesnt but not having a...
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    The Rise of Infographic Design

    I think with most new design inovations and trends, designers will have to adapt or die. The points you made are spot on, the have also been raised with other changes in web standards before. I do think sometimes the industry creates a new sub category of designer, the rise of the SEO expert is...
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    Who here currently uses

    Hi do use behance every now and then, both to post design work in progress for feed back and for inspiration. I agree, they need an app as the site is woefull on a small screen.
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    Helpful Social Media Tips

    Nice blog article, thanks for the share.
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    Hi Dare, your best solution would be to hold the licenses to use the images yourself, that way you can change your printers without worrying about the copyright. You need to use royalty free images, this mean a one of cost to purchase the image, then you can use it as many times as your like...
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    Hi Welcome to the forum. Your work is really cool, I like your style of illustration. I do agree with some of the comments posted but I understand that just because your an illustrator does not mean you know how to design a website. You will be working in a very competitive market so your...
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    Need Some Feedback

    Hi Rob, your site look nice and clean, the navigation is easy to use and for the most part the layout if very nice. I have to agree with the last post about the Samsung slider image though, get yourself a bigger stock image rather than the copy and paste, other than that its a nice design.
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    Don't work for free!!

    I totally agree about not working for free, but, I think sites like design crowd and people per hour or much worse. making us work before getting paid is terrible and designers should stop using the service as it drags the whole industry down. I do work for free sometimes, pro bono work for...
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    Bulk emailing?

    Hi Big Dave, Mail Chimp is a great way to get past the spam filters, however all HTML emails run the risk of being blocked as it all depends on the users settings. you can minimise the risk by linking to images on your server for the email rather than adding them as attachements as attachments...
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    Logo for a DJ - critque

    Hi John, I like to concept of the design, maybe add in some colour with a gradient overlay or something like that to really make it shine :) good stuff
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    T-shirt Designer Wanted

    Hi Richard, thanks for posting your details, do you have a website for your business we could look at?
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    Logo Feedback Please

    I really like it, great use of the pigs nose in the text, maybe add a bit more pink into the first part of the log but other than that it's really good.
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    After Effects help.

    I dont think so, I'm affraid you may have to run the import process again.
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    Web hosting?

    I've been using a mix of fasthosts and rochen for the last five years and had no issues with them, if you need more robust package for CMS support then take a look at rochen, all of my joomla sites are on there.