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    Legal Corners

    Hello, I need to get some legal corners printed up and have never done so before - does anyone on here print them or can recommend someone who does? Cheers.
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    How to deal with clients who waste your time

    I do offer a credit period for design, but I always take full payment up front for print before placing the order if they'd like me to arrange that for them.
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    InDesign: 10 Preferences to change

    I always changed composition to "text wrap only affects text beneath". This thread has prompted me to change the default settings as I have been meaning to for a while haha.
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    Startup Advice

    If you're taking jobs on and receiving payments etc then, firstly, you should register as a sole trader regardless of whether or not you're still employed. You'll just do a self-assessment that also fills in the employment section at the end of the financial year - if you have any expenses then...
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    Traditional Portfolio vs Digital Portfolio

    I've thought similarly for a while, that it would be good to have a book/brochure style portfolio where I could just leave a copy with them. Biggest problem I'm having is actually getting round to putting something together haha.
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    Grades or Experience?

    I would do the third year and continue gaining your experience at the same time. I wouldn't worry too much about the student loan debt, it's a non-commercial debt and doesn't need to make you worry in the same way any other debt would - what you owe is almost irrelevant, you'll still pay back...
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    Rebrand identity options

    Really like that, as you say, the simplicity of it works so well. Albeit, I'm not convinced yet that the animation wins me over entirely, and I can't put my finger on why.
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    When does a favour become work?

    Agree with the general consensus that it really depends on who the client is and, if it's someone who you know will be back, then the odd 10 minutes here and there aren't a problem. If it's something I know I can just pop open and sort out really quickly then I end up doing when I have a quiet...
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    Essentially Essex Ltd: Slight logo change (just colours) and letters changed.

    Hiya - feel free to send over the logo you've got to me in a message and I'd be happy to give you a quick quote based on what you've got. Cheers, Daniel.
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    Design with a big D or little d?

    I can't say I have ever thought about it.
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    UK Counties posters

    I like the headings you've used on each, they look smart and suit the rest of the style.
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    Problems with logo for client

    Unfortunately that's life pal, you win some, you lose some. You'll have good clients who are a dream to work with and some who leave your scratching your eyes out! Hoping for the day I'm in a position to pick out the nicest clients haha.
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    Problems with logo for client

    Could it be worth sending them something like this?
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    Screenshot of your Desktop!

    Definitely in the 'no clutter' camp - always have to have the recycle bin emptied and the volume on mute too, irritates me otherwise haha :ph34r:
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    Problems with logo for client

    Can't you just send them a web version and a print version then? The print version is still technically the same dimensions, just at a higher resolution. Send them a web version at the 'smaller' size, and explain why the print version will appear much bigger to them - I'm sure they will thank...