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    Where to find royalty free vector graphics?

    Try this one, it's got some nice free vectors to use... Free Vector Art - Download Free Vector Graphics and Vector Art at Vecteezy!
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    Website Design Feedback

    What excatly you are expecting from USERS?
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    Seeking feedback for indie dev company logo

    I think no.1 is the cleanest (though still needs simplifying and a better font choice) but I like that no.4 doesn't use a lightbulb. No.2 is has a very tall footprint which makes it seem imbalanced. No.3 will lose legibility at smaller scales (that light bulb won't be obvious).
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    Seeking feedback for indie dev company logo

    One probably has the most potential. I think they're all a little busier than needs be but if you flattened 1 out, removed the cabin (bear with me) and then maybe just added a roof to the lightbulb?
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    Seeking feedback for indie dev company logo

    the colour combination is not that great !
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    What size to start

    you can start with A4 size !!
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    How to do social media campaign for an event?

    1. Reveal speaker lineups or special guests in a creative way 2. Post often about early bird deadlines and registration windows 3. Perform giveaways for those with FOMO 4. Share behind-the-scenes pics waaaay before the event starts 5. Have a photo booth
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    Can't understand these technical words

    Hello ! The format of the file you are creating is not suitable for uploading. Else you have to create a supported file! use Abode Illusator