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    Film Poster Research Help

    Anything by Saul Bass.
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    Digiwedo - Creative Agency - Need a critical eye!

    When I landed on the home page, and acknowledging that it may be that it reminded me of something in particular that I've seen, the colour scheme screamed 'recycling centre' which was confirmed momentarily by what (at a glance) looked like someone carrying an old TV to the dump. Apart from that...
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    Senior Designer pay

    Big Dave's point is a good one: 'senior' is a relative term, meaning different things in different organisations, and a job title is very different to a job description. It's also quite normal in the private sector for people to be paid different amounts for performing the same or similar duties...
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    Documentation & Tax

    Get an accountant. This is the best advice you'll ever receive and will save you more than it costs, even on modest returns.
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    Using designs I created at other agencies for my new business??

    I'd be a little bit wary of using client logos, especially if your connection to the client is via an agency: the client probably has no knowledge of your existence and it's unwise to associate yourself/your work with a brand without permission. On the broader point, asking for permission is...
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    HELP! Junior graphic designer
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    Any Logo Feedback Please?

    Lose the kiwi/avocado/wing blobs altogether, stick with the thinner 'Soul' font and do a bit of work on the 'Clean, Green, etc' typography and you have a nice logo.
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    The first thing I'd do (and probably the easiest) is to give your word-of-mouth network a bit of a shove: get in touch with everyone you've worked with and tell them you're looking for leads.
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    Using images from google for brochures - copyright issues

    Fair point: I can see that an employee would have a conflict of interests if they were under pressure from above but the principle is still one worth speaking up for (I'm coming at this as an independent supplier so the exception doesn't apply in my case).
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    Using images from google for brochures - copyright issues

    Good decision. Designers (of all people) should respect copyright and - without wanting to sound high and mighty - I personally would refuse to use protected material in my work, even if someone else was carrying the risk. Being complicit in any activity that you know to be illegal or unethical...
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    Copyright ownership

    Tricky. This is the reason most supplier contracts I'm party to forbid the use of sub-contracting arrangements. My first step would be to approach the client to explain the situation and seek their thoughts on a remedy. I'm not entirely sure that they're not within their rights if they had no...
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    Logo Feedback/ Critique from professional please!

    I'm also not especially sold on the idea of a square standing for a circle; it's clear enough that the box is in place of an 'o' but the longer I look at it, the more awkward it gets.
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    Coloured pencil drawing to get out of a creative rut.
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    Older People Icon

    Thanks again for the input, folks: the client conceded the point in the end and we went with the original idea (featuring a walking stick).
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    Older People Icon

    Thanks for the replies. The context is a health sector infographic for a government department. I'm quite limited in what I can achieve as it's a replacement icon for part of a set comprising very basic/reduced figures so small details are problematic.