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    Web Design as a Career

    Templates are noticeable a mile off, there's nothing like the proper touch. I refer you to my thread below this one as it should guide you in the self employment part of things.
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    Animating CSS ul navigation with jQuery

    I am sure you can do this affect using CSS3. Just coming to the end of my lunch break at work so I'm afraid I can't give you a bit more guidance. Just look up CSS3 Transition fade
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    How did you become a web designer?

    As I mentioned in my introductory post I am interested in pursuing a career in web design. At the moment I have limited knowledge of css/html. I intend to go down routes such as Flash, JS and MySQL to help me on my travels. My end result is to hopefully venture into self-employment and work...
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    IE Nav Bar problems

    Cheers for the advice, Yeah this is my first proper website project and i haven't the foggiest about styles or anything css side. Thanks again
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    IE Nav Bar problems

    Hi guys, Been struggling the past while to sort a problem that's occuring in IE whenever i try to expand nav buttons that i've added. It comes up with giant boxes with the words "FALSE" in them. I've also been having problems sorting the navbuttons to go back to their default format. They...
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    Your thoughts please

    I much prefer the first one, it's got a much better feel to it. Good stuff :icon_thumbup:
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    Tattoo Designs

    I total struggled to get a good picture but this is it: First one is too show the brightness of the colours, second one is to show more of the design
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    Displacement Maps

    I've been searching high and low for a displacement map that gives a really "spattered" effect but none of them seem to be doing the job :(. Anyone know any good sites that has free displacement maps which could give this effect? Cheers Connor.
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    Rounded Corner images

    Cheers guys, this helped me too :D
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    Tattoo Designs

    I have one, it's approximately 7-8" in length and it's on my right calf. I highly recommend that you get one :D. I actually love the feeling of getting a tattoo done. I will post a picture of mine when I get back home.
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    Fancy Things - Illustration Work / Dot Design

    I really like this, good job :icon_thumbup:
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    Do you think this identity design is worth £600,000?

    Overkill on the pricing. If the client is going to pay that much for it then don't argue ;)