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    Behance Circles thingy

    Hi, I've just singed up to Behance, looks like a good way to showcase work to other designers and get more exposure. Just wondering if any of you guys had joined up? Here's my profile! Also, I was thinking if we could get enough members, why not start a GDF circle, could be a good way...
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    Blog/Portfolio Design

    Hi, Would just like to get some of your views on my design, before I start coding etc. I was thinking about having a blog then having links to my portfolio and contact info etc. Thanks!
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    Scaling problems, Flash and Dreamweaver

    What are you coding in AS2 or AS3?
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    Scaling problems, Flash and Dreamweaver

    Hi, It might be easier to see the problem if you post the site, when you have uploaded it.
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    Hello! :)

    Ok. It's still not great. As SparkCreative said the photography is poor, and the large text makes it look too amateurish. It all makes it look untrustworthy, customers need something to look safe and secure as well as easy to use to buy something. From a personal point of view, I wouldn't buy...
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    SEO Tips

    No disrespect to you or your business, but a) saying you offer SEO and then asking for help with it, is kinda weird. B) SEO is a bit of a con IMHO. Surely the usual stuff that most Search Engine Optimizers do should be the kind of things that is done as best practice when designing a site...
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    Hello! :)

    Hi welcome. - You have a logo (I think) under the image with zoria creations on, which you can't see and just doesn't look good. - The top header image, looks like it's linked, but it isn’t. - The drop-down menu for the products you can't read over the background. There's no contrast at...