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    Colours printing out weird...

    Hi there, Just spotted your issue here and thought I'd try and help. To me, it looks like the colours you are trying to achieve are not really possible out of CMYK, they are screen colours - RGB, created from light rather than ink, so difficult to reproduce. If you usually design for the web...
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    Image setter help!!!

    If you don't end up buying an imagesetter we would be happy to run a bit of test film for you to see if it is dark enough. We run a lot of film for various screenprinters, there is a film pricelist on our Jupiter Associates Ltd website Film Prices
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    Print Reseller Programs?

    Hi There PP, If you like RCS print, and don't require a website, you could always approach one of their other resellers who may be able to help. Same print, lower price ;) Claire
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    In need of companies that Print

    Ah, who can resist a little self promotion! You can easily work out all sorts of print prices via our website, then use them to compare with other printers if you need to. We are also happy to talk to you about your requirements by phone if you prefer.
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    Printing JPG?

    A 300dpi jpeg can be fine for printing, even a 150dpi one surprises me with it's print quality sometimes. If your printer converts the colour and gives you sludge back you are going to the wrong printer! We convert colours but always supply a PDF proof, or warn the customer if there are going...
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    RCS or Ink Shop or AN Other…

    Seems like an opportunity for a bit of self promotion! You could check out another reseller such as ourselves who have a level 3 plugin and can offer RCS print at 35% less than their RRP. You will be familiar with the service levels, artwork requirements and quality control etc. Could be worth a...
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    Your favourite modern designers!!

    Yes, thanks for the Nando Costa pointer, good stuff, I also really like what Tom Lane is doing: Ginger Monkey :: Tom Lane :: Illustration :: Design :: Typography :: home
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    Leaflet size - help needed

    Not to mention the common term tri-fold - when really there are only 2 folds but 3 panels. It is amazing how long it takes sometimes to work out exactly what a customer wants! :)
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    What's wrong with people?....

    I completely sympathise with you. We also spend time and effort explaining everything to customers, sending samples and clarifying the printing process, you can't win them all but that level of service will pay off eventually. Most of our customers don't run off to Vistaprint, but we get a lot...
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    Full Colour NCR Printing

    Great to see so many people do offer full colour NCR sets even though Bate Brand found it so difficult. If you type "full colour ncr sets" into Google we are top of the first page but maybe our price wasn't quite right this time ;) please check back! Hint - RCS do print full colour, just...
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    Printing JPG?

    Hi Words, We are happy to print from JPGs, we don't even need them to be CMYK. We convert the colour for you and check it looks OK. We add bleed by resizing slightly or we can add a border depending on your artwork, and we would supply a PDF proof back for you to approve first. It is better...
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    Sense Creative

    Hi, I agree that customer service is what it is all about. If a job is passable, you will think you have a bargain, but the problems start when a job goes wrong. This can happen to any printer, but how they deal with it is when you see what kind of value for money they offer. In response...
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    Add your Twitter name here....

    CheapLeaflets New to it all though so forgive my cackhanded tweets :icon_blushing: