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    Feedback for pasta brand

    I like the background graphics/text/texture especially on the side panel. The front face is a little bit too scrappy and apart from the name panel lacks focus....and unfortunately the name panel looks like a piece of paper just stuck on. The brand marque also feels a bit old fashioned...
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    Name this font please....

    I've gone with Aurora and used Helv inserat for the A & N looks close enough! Thanks for the help guys.
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    Name this font please....

    Thought of that one myself but not's bugging me as I'm sure i used to have it. Commonly used in the 80's a bit like Compacta but not... grrrrrr nothing worse than re-creating old stuff when you can't nail the font! :-)
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    Name this font please....

    Good spot Hank, I have that font but the A is different....any ideas?
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    Name this font please....

    Actually, this one is driving me mad too, the R looks familiar but can't find it......
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    Name this font please....

    That's it!! Much obliged :-)
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    Name this font please....

    Driving me nuts, seen it before but can't remember....TIA
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    Hi Guys I'm looking for this kind of font, can anyone help, please?

    It's this italicised…...
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    Cheese Town

    Also see them under Bidvest….
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    Looking for honest advice

    Maybe just simplify by having one character holding the jigsaw pieces and get rid of shading/highlights. Modernise/soften the type. If you are using online platforms the current logo is way too busy. 'PBS Therapy' as a profile image/logo would be much clearer. Lots of scope if you are determined...
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    Gin Label Design advice

    ahhh…ok. That makes more sense. To be honest I'd be probably looking at an alternative design that is created to take that kind of issue into consideration. There are so many boutique vodka/gin brands out there now and the design standards are high in such a competitive market. Starting with...
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    Gin Label Design advice

    Never heard anything like that before. You're being charged separately for the ink?! Try another printer :-)
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    Help me get moving with my career!

    Good luck! Have you tried going in for a chat with the team at Concept Personnel to get some advice, they usually get the North East design vacancies but the jobs are thin on the ground and they usually expect you to design/artwork/run social media/build websites/edit videos/ etc etc. What...
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    Hey Guys, Newbie to the forum, in need of a bit of help :-)

    Or if you want to be able to edit the sheen position or alter its opacity... 1) convert text to paths 2) Select path type and go to 'object' > 'compound path' > 'make' (this may remove the fill colour - just refill black) 3) Duplicate the piece of compound path text 4) Place oval behind -...