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    New Website

    No need to apologise! This is what we want, some CnC. We just wanted something very basic for now. The only reason it's so small is because the website it's hosted on has only one theme in the free package they provide, as we can't afford to buy the ability to use a custom theme. Thanks anyway...
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    Can someone please remind me!

    Gradient tool works fine, just make sure that you click the "Primary colour to transparent" option, make yourself a new layer, set the type to radial instead of linear and drag from the center of the image to the edge. If you need to tweak it, grab a large brush on your eraser tool and set the...
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    New Website

    Hi guys, some of you may have been familiar with our old website, but we decided to scrap it and go for a minimalistic look. As of now we've just got a simple website on Big Cartel - Simple shopping cart for artists, designers, bands, record labels, jewelry, crafters , until we get some more...
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    Any ideas or inspirations anyone can share with me?

    Not fond of the music, could put people off, plus the completely underlined text in the paragraph looks like an amateur mistake. Also, make sure your text has the correct kerning and width on each page, it looks very quickly and nastily made... But, other than that it looks alright...
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    I need a LOGO designed for our company

    Unsure if you're still looking for this, if so, check out our website in the link in my signature.
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    I need a LOGO designed for our company

    Drop us an email at and we can go over some concepts if you're interested. Thanks.
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    We've launched! Feedback please

    Excellent, clean, simple website. I love the photography, also.
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    Pricing for Logo Design

    Our designs are currently at a set rate of £89. Which includes vector EPS and PSD, along with unlimited amendments until they're happy with the final design.
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    What font?

    Obviously there's many similar ones, but I think the closest few are the Wunderlich or Columbia "Bold-Italic" family.