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    My Drawings/Illustrations

    Thanks for the advice, I do prefer to hand draw things rather than quickly jump on illustrator as it gives me more satisfaction having a physical copy from something ive created. plus the possibility of making irreversible mistakes helps my mind stay creative. I can gain access to screen...
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    I'm new here, please critique my motorsports company logo!

    I like the concept, but i think the fonts are wrong, especially as I keep reading it as RFDWOOD because the underline is making my eyes think the E is an F, also the motorsports font needs changing as the balance between the two dont match. I agree with CLHB when you should come up with a...
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    My Drawings/Illustrations

    Hey all, I have recently been drawing up some designs to be screen printed and hopefully sold as large prints (a2/a3) and was just hoping for some constructive feedback before doing so. My drawings are pretty much all geometric based (loosely) with my main subject being the circle and...