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    What is the name of this template?

    On the off-chance you're serious and this isn't spam, it's a custom "design" in DreamWeaver based on the existance of certain Javascript functions. Cheers.
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    Do not pay for backlinks, unless you're desperate. It's a good idea to try and build them yourself. Be prepared, SEO is not an overnight thing, it's gradual and continual. Once you've reached your desired "ranking" for a specific keyword you won't stay there forever, you need to keep at it...
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    keyboard stops working

    I can vouch for this, my wireless Magic Mouse goes through batteries almost monthly, and their Duracell Ultra's!
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    A3 Printing

    Hi, If you're just going to be printing on standard "bond" paper, just the stuff you get from Staples or whatever, then invest in a decent A3 printer. The Canon Pixma range is very good but usually upwards of £200 depending on model. As an entry level printer you can't go too wrong with the...
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    How thick can you go on a press?

    Hi there, We can get 400gsm duplex (both sides at once) through our Digital presses without a problem. Our Heidelberg XL75 will also happily run 400gsm (not perfecting) with a maximum of around 800 micron. We think we could push that to 900 micron but have never tried. The reason I swapped...
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    Print Resellers?

    I think it's important that your reseller isn't a reseller themselves, otherwise you end up as just another link in a very long chain! Someone who owns their own premises and machinery is surely a bonus. We have a print reselling arm called Print Reselling | Print Reselling | Print Reselling...
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    Cutting a printed image into postcards

    Hi there, As for software I'm not 100% sure. An image that size we'd put through out Roland XC-540 6 colour inkjet and the RIP software for that has a tiling feature allowing you to specify how many tiles and their size, and as it's a Print/Cut machine would also cut them on the fly. We've...
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    Choosing a Pantone colour guide?

    Hi there, PANTONE PLUS is basically just over 220 new solid colours to the existing PANTONE range, it also has a few new tools as far as designers are concerned, I believe CS5.5 has the PANTONE PLUS library installed. We have just ordered a load of new PANTONE books and they're all PLUS ones...