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    Graphic Design Forums Competition

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    Hello Jo, whats the URL? What keywords are you targeting?

    Hello Jo, whats the URL? What keywords are you targeting?
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    Last minute buyer's remorse... monitor advice, please..? (Thanks, and sorry!)

    Not familiar with Dells. BenQ are meant to be very good low budget monitors. If you can afford a little more I suggest a NEC Multisync (I own a 1990SX and it's a fantastic piece of kit).
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    Facebook? Is it a good idea?

    An account on linked in would be probably more suited for professional networking.
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    Job Interview...You will all love this!

    Shit!! That's probably why no one ever employs me.... :icon_scared:
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    Have I left it too late ?

    I kind of agree, although nothing stops you moonshining as a freelancer to test the water.
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    Job Interview...You will all love this!

    In a way, be glad you did not get it, those are the kind of companies that corrode you from the inside. You probably would have walked out after a couple of months anyway. For any employers out there, I typed this message on a querty keyboard. That proves I can type...
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    Bad Logos

    Whoever created the London 2012 should be dismembered and his limbs impaled on the 4 corners of the city as a warning.
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    logo design issue?

    Standard rate as long as you use this opportunity to really push your portfolio.
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    First post - Masthead design

    I think 2 could work well.
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    Wacom Cintiq 12WX

    Wacom Cintiq 12WX for sale Hello everyone, I have a Wacom Cintiq 12WX for sale. I bought this item roughly one year ago (11 Sep 2008) together with an Airbrush pen: Wacom Intuos3 Airbrush: Electronics & Photo Wacom Cintiq 12WX Interactive Pen Display:
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    Cheap Design Programs???

    Woooot?? :icon_scared:
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    Re purposing web graphics for printing to a portfolio.

    Sounds like you need to invest in genuine fractals which produces far better enlargements than the native PS bicubic scaling.
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    £5 per page

    Good on ya! People (as in customers) must realize that there is no such thing as free graphic design (only bad graphic design). I learned years ago that by doing something rushed for cheap you are actually heading for troubles. The customer will not be happy and you will feel resentful for...
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    A4 Landscape Progressive Page width Brochure Template (How to?)

    Sorry, but it doesn't give me that option in CS4. Maybe there is another member on this forum that runs CS2.