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Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by markuskg, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. markuskg

    markuskg Junior Member

    Zükkan - E-ticaret sitesi.I need feedback to this site.Any feedback is appreciated:)

  2. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    It doesn't load for me...
  3. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Nothing here also.
  4. nothing loads for me either
  5. wac

    wac Senior Member

    Loads for me but my Turkish isn't what it used to be.
  6. DWildish

    DWildish Member

  7. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    It isn't? Mine is! :D

    Agreed with halfbuiltrobot that the illustrations are kinda tacky. Give your elements more breathing space too.

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