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YouTube lets advertisers buy search terms


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YouTube on Wednesday said it's rolling out a new ad platform called Sponsored Videos.

According to YouTube, which held a press conference at its headquarters, Sponsored Videos lets users promote their videos by bidding on keywords. Here's how it works: First, YouTube users, whether individuals or corporations, decide which of the videos they've uploaded they want to promote through site search. Then they decide which keywords they want to target.

Google, YouTube's parent company, has created automated tools that help users place bids for the keywords in an automated online auction, as well as set spending budgets. When people use keywords in search terms for videos, YouTube will display relevant videos alongside the search results. If you're, say, a Hollywood film studio, maybe you bid on the words "movie trailer."
Not a suprising news announcement, what's more suprising is the time it's taken Google to implement something like this, I thought this would have happened a lot sooner following the buy out.

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