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Your Text Editor

Hi Guys,

I am just wondering what people use as thier text editor for CSS, PHP & HTML etc etc. I am sure I saw a thread about this but I cant find it. Any feedback would be great, I currently use notepad ++ but am looking for something that would help me out abit more with shortcuts to adding code etc.


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I'm using text wrangler. I got lads of cool books for xmas including css ref guide and html guide that will hopefully help me learn more woohoo!!


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Notepad++ has coding shortcuts aplenty! Ctrl+Enter and Ctrl+Space, Ctrl+Shift+Up/Ctrl+Shift+Down, Ctrl+D and so on… experiment!
Oohhh I looked at Aptana....it bothered the hell outta me so I got rid of it...its like that AOL software you get when you sign up with AOL as your ISP. It has sooo much stuff that it totally not needed that slows the software down. And it seems stuff is just thrown in just for the fun!


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Coffeecup here.
It's free and the basic version allows you to edit code actually on the server in real time, I think, so no need to upload the file after.

I haven't used it so can't vouch for it myself. But the free versions pretty good IMO. :)


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That it does, but it's good for quick changes like changing title elements and meta description things like that. Don't use it tbh but may be handy in some circumstances. :)