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Your Feedback/Suggestions Before Global Launch

Hey everyone.

Before the global launch of our website and software, I want to ask whether you can review our website and provide us with feedback/suggestions via this forum?

Here is the Press Release for the 'soft launch' which will give you some idea of the software:


The website is getRummage (.com) - the software is completely free to download and use (no registration/details required) and is for revolutionising the file retrieval process on Windows platforms (Mac will be added for later releases).

We're looking for early-adopters who can use the tool and give me your honest opinions on it. We've performed extensive bug tests and haven't come across any further issues, but would love your help and support on this. The software has already caught the attention of the big players in the industry, but we really want the IT community to be using it and giving us your suggestions for when we launch the Beta version globally later in 2014.

Thanks so much in advance, I look forward to hearing from you,



Staff member
um.... all you've done is link to a 'press release' page on another site....

as to the software... don't see the point in additional apps to search in windows when it has it's own built in search which is more than good enough if you use some common sense when saving files