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Your Email?


Staff member
might want to edit that if it's real.

mine personal/direct email is name {at} domain address but I also have specific ones for contact form, plus a couple of others for more specific aspects of the business (removed what they were to limit spam potential :)) so as to differentiate, make it easier to track and also to be consistent if I ever expand.

They're not exactly 100% necessary at the moment but thats the way I've got it set up.


Senior Member
Ok, know slightly older thread BUT be careful using generic terms, I have 3 domains which have obscure email address, but when look at catch all spam folder there are hundreds come in under the following evan though this have never been linked, advertised they get emails!


In some places you have no choice but to use these names but if you can avoid it i would try too.


Active Member
Cant see how it makes much difference if you choose name@ or hello@ email is so common nowadays that for a non branded company i doubt anyone takes much notice.
I agree with CSparkes; info etc catch thousands of spam, to the point that in my day job, we have been instructed by head office not to use these at all. I can't see how having name@myname.com is 'repetitive' it's only using a name twice and most people don't reread an email address over and over. Once it's saved it's generally one tap of a button away or replied to. I'll be using name@myname.co.uk for me until I think of a good reason not to.