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Your business card is CRAP!


Well-Known Member
This guy made me chuckle, not very serious in terms of print design hence why I've posted it here.
The bloke is equal parts confident and punchable.



Senior Member
To be fair I think that's a pretty awesome bit of print, I'm not sure if I'd call it a business card though. Also, did he say he knew companies that were worth $10,000 dollars a year because that doesn't sound like very much.


Well-Known Member
I agree it is a nice piece of work Chris, but as a "business card" I'd say a little impractical and costly. Very nice overall though. Even if we don't like him!


Senior Member
If someone gave a normal person a business card like that, they would think he was mental! If they gave it to one of us, our immediate reaction would be, mmmm, die cut, embossing, foiling, mechanism....jeez this thing most have cost a fortune!


Senior Member
He's in an episode of Rob Dyrdek's fantasy factory and seams quite knowledgeable, although he makes rob pretty much the same business card.