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Your branding: How did you go about it?

I was wondering how people came up for their branding?

By this I mean did you set yourself a brief, how did you choose colours etc?

I am trying to do it for myself atm and am finding it hard for some reason, I don't know if I am over thinking it or I just need to write myself a brief.

I guess it doesn't have to be set in stone and it can evolve over time, it's just that I am at the stage of advertising and getting business cards so want to get it right.


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Hi Tony,

For my current branding I made notes on what I would want to see as a prospective client, so firts thought about the type of clients I would want to attract and appeal to, then what they might want to see. I went with my own name, simply because that's what I have always worked under as a freelancer, and I felt that it was good for my clients to know exactly who they would be working with.

In terms of the design style, my brief was very simple, friendly, approchable and professional, I wanted to build on my existing (old) logo which was a GF with the letters blending across the middle of the G and top of the F.

Think about the types of questions you might be asking a client about their business if they approached you to design their branding, it's likely to be about their company vision/ethos, and about their target market and how they want to be perceived. Then answer those same questions yourself about your own company, that should help you bring a basic design brief together :)

What's the name you will be trading under, will it be your own name or a company name?
Thanks Greg, I have given some of those things consideration. I think the problem I am having is that I'd like my style to be quite artistic but then feel that this would possibly alienate the bread and butter clients. By that I mean I'd like interesting creative briefs (who wouldn't though?) but feel that I'd have to take on briefs with less creative freedom to earn a living. So I'm trying to find a balance... if I should?

I will be trading under my own name.


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What are the main services you'll be providing, Tony?
The usual logo design, print design, web design? illustration?