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Your 10 Favourite Designers/Agencies


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Cant really say I take influence from them all but I do like their 'philosophies/work' and I'm struggling to reach 10..... most things are collaborative in my line of work so picking outstanding individuals isn't easy
Jean Paul Gaultier - strangely first saw him in eurotrash when I was younger...
Frank Lloyd Wright - NY Guggenheim Museum
Charles Renee Mackintosh - like/knew of him a long time before the current 'resurgence' of his rose design
Alessi Group - a group of lots of individual designers including phillipe starck
Eames Brothers - they designed that wooden lounge chair in Frasier's apartment along with a lot of other furniture
Matias Duarte - originally designed web os, now working on android :)


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In no particular order:
Jessica Hische
Louise Fili
Dana Tanamachi
Erik Marinovich
John Passafiume
Mary Kate McDevitt
Linzie Hunter
Joshua Brent
Jill De Haan