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Yet another new designer

Hello everyone, I'm Daniel Patterson, a Carmarthen (Wales, UK) based graphic designer specialising in brand identity. My background is in architectural design however I decided to join you wonderful people and pursue the graphic design route, in particular, logo design and branding. I have been working as a graphic and web designer for over 3 years and only now just launched my portfolio website, printed business cards etc. and I'm incredibly excited to join the creative world of freelance design and learn from the best in the business. I'd love to know how you begun and whether you have a different background to graphic design.
Welcome :) Had a look at your site, you have some good work, but also some that isn't that nice. I would suggest only having the good stuff up.

At what point did you decide (and why) to go from architectural to graphic design? I know one or two people who have also made this step in a similar fashion.