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Yes finally using my new studio desktop!



Oh sorry I forgot to upload a pic..

Here it is next to my old laptop which I used to design everything in before..



not a SLIGHTLY larger screen but a massively large screen lol that eee pc was tiny to design..

Typo: I already rebooted my pc yesterday to factory settings after It got messed up after I installed Fifa10.. Lol my luckily my Dad knows how to do that stuff so didnt have to worry


LOL Levi the back is white looks a lil bit like a mac lcd...

The performance is sooo good! I love it!


Senior Member
typo- i cant believe it, he's giving us ammo to shoot Levi down with!!

and mohammad- does it not annoy you that things dont just, work, with your computer? ;)

Hope he's a firefighter too, I hear Dells like to burn...

Maybe you could put a sticker over the Dell badge... I do that with my HP monitor...yes, Tim it's an ickle Apple badge.

Good luck to you and your shiney machine and keep up the good work your producing some great designs...you'll go far lad.