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Yeeeees it's ANOTHER Wacom thread!


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Good afternoon ladels and germs, I know people will keep referring me back to old threads, but technology and opinions change these days like clockwork, so I thought I'd add my own queries.

Those lovely folk at the Inland Revenue have just splashed a nice bundle of cash into my possession due to me paying too much tax etc. so I have decided to take the plunge and go for a Wacom tablet.

I've decided my budget is anywhere between the region of....well, I don't know, I'd like some opinions first.

I'm severely testing my nerve with going for the cheapest Cintiq, which I've wanted ever since I first saw one. BUT, some people say it's not worth it and have told me to go for an Intuos(4+), but THEN some people say for my style, a Bamboo would suffice, even though there is significant decrease in pressure sensitivity, but a snip at £70-80. The agony of choice.

Click my signature to get a flavour of the kind of work I do, and that's what I'd mainly be doing on one of these slabs. Wow, what an essay...


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another vote for the intuos. I've got an a5 wide intuos 3 but the new intuos 5 are actually good value compared with the old ones, the medium one is around 250-300 now which is less than I paid for mine iirc. Plus you can go wireless with a new attachment which is a huge plus point in my opinion.

If I used my wacom more often I'd be upgrading just for the wireless aspect... I hate cables on my desk.


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Cool, I think what I'm gonna do is pop down PC World and ask to try one of them out. Heard nothing but good things about the Intuos range.


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I still use an Intuos 2 which has a working area of about A4 and the full size is about A3.
A bit big.
I used one at work for about six years and it was bomb proof. It had a big crack on the back from where I used to bridge the corner of my working space and it still worked a dream.
I recently used an Intuos 4 at an in house gig and I found I kept catching the built in controls with my arm which was a real pain but I guess it's something to get use to.
Intuos rocks!
I've got the wireless bamboo pen and touch but I don't do anything too taxing with it, just general use, so depends how much you value the pressure/ sensitivity part. Only issues I've had is the touch track pad sometimes throws a wobbly not recognising two finger scrolls or gets a bit jittery but is normally sorted by just turning off and on again.


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Okay after much much much MUCH deliberation, I've decided to go for the Bamboo Fun Medium. Mainly because it's a nice price, nice size working area, and considering I'm only using it to get smooth lines I think this is will hopefully be a decent starting option. Intuos Medium (Small is toooo small) is just out of my budget unfortunately.


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Bamboo Pen And Touch is the dark grey one right? I was tempted to go for that but I heard that the Bamboo Fun (or Create as it's called in other countries) is more suited to the artiste.
I've bought an Intuos 4 Small (£129 at PC World clearance) and it's nice but I can honestly say although its good the Bamboo worked fine for the sort of thing I do.


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He does that a lot. Show him a £500 piece of kit and he'll find it on eBay for less that £150. It's a damn super power I tells ya.