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Xbox 360 Gamertags!

Hey Jhouse..Tim,

My gamer tag is DE Blackcelcius

Digital Effect Gaming GB COD4 EU Winter Season 2007 Runners up. Ill add you guys am COD4 99.9% of the time too.
I used to have a XBox 360 and I would feel dirty when the Microsoft logo came on...:cry:
good games and oneline play but it went kaput. Yes the red ring of death.
So I eBayed it and bought a 60gb PS3.
I like the PS3 but the XBox was great when it worked...:up:
I had never used or even looked at a ps3 until last week when i had a play as i set somones wireless up for it. I have to admit that ps3 online is sooooo poor compared to Xbox live...Just everything about it, I does not suprie me that its free because its utter rubbish compated to live..

I am truly not saying this because I am a 360 owner I am saying it because its right. As for capabilities the xbox360 matches if not beats the ps3. The only good thing about the ps3 is The BluRay.
My 360 is the only Microsoft product i own, but it's far from over for the Mac fans, just install connect 360 from nullriver in your system preferences for seamless video (HD), music and picture streaming direct to your TV.

They also provide MediaLink for the PS3 which also allows you to transfer stuff to the PS3 hard drive, pretty neat, but i tend to use the 360 for streaming.

Gamer Tag is RoscoeAdams