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Hey guys

Would be interested to know your thoughts on my site

My Portfolio

Went live in Feb, but thinking of shuffling a few elements around as I've got some more portfolio pieces to put in...


I like it Max. Nice simple layout with some good effects. Only thing I would be tempted to do is align it all to the center but hey that's just me


Junior Member
I'd center this also.

The other thing that bothers me is how items have a more traditional rectangular representation, but also a more abstract physical-form-based representation. These aren't necessarily next to each other or even near each other. Its confusing when I highlight something and something else somewhere else on the page lights up. It's also frustrating if you click on one thing, then go back and click on something farther down and its the same thing.

Otherwise good work!


Senior Member
Like this a lot!
Agreed with j.edmund on the double images. It's not so much an issue when there's a clear link between them and they're close together. But it's not always the case. The two Lime-images are too far apart, and the Other Cool Things are seemingly not part of a greater ensemble (which they aren't).

On the centering, it looks fine on my screen because my browser is rarely full screen (I keep it at around 1400px). But I see how it could look weird for others.

But all in all I really love this. Like the colorful hovers on the text, like the hover-animation on the projects and that tidbit with the chair is a very nice personal touch.


Senior Member
i like it mostly, but the Nav at the top seems unfinished, everything on the page fits in with the style, but that nav looks a bit pants.

It could move down a bit too, line up with the baseline of Chirpy in the logo.