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WTD: Sony Watchman or Equiv


Active Member
Hey guys I'm on the look out for a Sony Watchman or equivalent, you know the 1970's 1980's pocket TVs.


I need one with an external A/V input though as I'm looking to rig it up to a live feed.
If anyone can help that would be great, otherwise I'm going to have to take my chances at car-boots and charity shops.


Active Member
Hrrm nope not exactly. I'm looking to be able to do minute focus adjustments with mydslr camera on far distant objects like stars whilst out and about at night. My current camera don't support viewing what the sensor see,s in realtime. And the eye is not sensitive enough to do the focus adjustments through the. View finder.


Staff member
so is it to out put the 'viewfinder' or to close look up on the image taken?

oh and the camera outputs would be handy. Thinking I may have an idea :)


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yes the camera has real-time video out, and a simple solution would be to lugg a laptop about with me, but this isn't really practical, hense the need for a very cheap solution :) If i can veiw the realtime data from the sensor I can adjust focus without the need to fire a shot off. Alternatively I could save up and by a camera with live view built into it :)