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WP Image widget

Hi guys,

Does anyone know of a decent image widget for Wordpress that doesn't put in target? The one I'm currently using automatically inserts target="_" even though I don't specify anything, causing the site to fail XHTML 1.0 strict validation. :(



mate find one you like and edit the plugin :) thats what i do :) I can help you with it if you like :D
Ahh..didn't think of that. Cheers Chris!

Does it mean a lot of fiddling with PHP or is it pretty straightforward to find the area in the plugin editor? Sorry I'm at work so can't check right now. I'll have a look at it later and give you a shout if it gets too fiddly. :)


Well it could be a bit of both.. you'll need to look at what is produced in the HTML to find where it makes the file "target="_blank"" then remove it.. depends on the plugin really... some have more files than others.

No worries about giving me a shout if you need it :D