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Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by Georgina Kent, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Georgina Kent

    Georgina Kent Member

    So... since I'm an addict, just wondering whether any of you out there are addicts too :d

    And by addict I mean, addicted to playing World of Warcraft :D

    Any others out there?

    If you are and you wanna add me, here's my details

    Server: Earthen Ring EU
    Faction: Horde!
    Most played characters: Fand (80 pally), Gheroo (80 mage) (have 8 others but not on them much)

  2. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    What is World of Warcraft? Is it online, or do you dress up as elves and goblins and play it in the park, like the film Role Models

  3. Becky

    Becky Member

    love love love that film. It actually made one of my mates stop LARPing lol

    Don't play WoW anymore, got way too tedious. Played EQ back in the day (lol) and tinker around a bit with some mates on EQ2 for funzies sometimes. But I don't think I'd ever go back to WoW too many kiddies ><
  4. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    A few years back I did play WoW but drifted away now... counter terrorism/warfare is just too much fun.

    Addiction.....Angry Birds. (although I've finished it now).
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    It really is a great game and I can see why so many people play it and are so addicted to it. I myself have played through the 10 day trial like 6 or 7 times. The world is huge and it's nice to just walk around and explore new stuff. Though the trial only lets you go to level 20 (which I didn't need 10 days for any of the times I played) and you're only allowed to have 20 gold, it really is worth trying out.

    And as epic, elaborate and atmospheric it may be, I'm never gonna pay for it. The trial alone already gives you over a month of gameplay! But I've looked into private servers at one point but didn't go through with it.

    I had the most fun playing as warlock, shaman and rogue should anyone be interested in my experiences :)
  6. Tom Sound

    Tom Sound Active Member

    Your airsoft gaming is similar though, just from a different era :D
  7. Georgina Kent

    Georgina Kent Member

    The way I look at it, while I'm playing WoW I'm not buying other games, whereas before with the xbox, we'd buy like, 1 game a month, and that's at like £35 - £45 a game, whereas on WoW I pay £8 a month, so works out waaay cheaper, especially for the amount of hours of gameplay I get out of it :)
  8. Becky

    Becky Member

    Lol we had a discussion about this at the weekend. It is similar, but we don't have to imagine the enemy, we can just shoot the bugger :D
  9. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Never played it (I know, shocker!) and I don't intend to. I prefer to pay for games once and once only. Despite one of my mates repeatedly claiming it to be "the best thing ever".
  10. sadly I BETA tested it :eek: back in the day :p
  11. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    I think if I'd jumped on the bandwagon at the start, I'd have enjoyed it. But the wagon is crowded these days and it's got lots of new bits stuck on, and I don't feel like scrabbling onto it now.
  12. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    There's the answer Jim....Scrabble.

    Now on iPhone

    Top tip people....don't use your iPhone in the bath....

    it's ok but Phew it was a close one.....:eek:
  13. Georgina Kent

    Georgina Kent Member

    iphone schmyphone - HTS Desire FTW!
  14. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    The HTC Desire is cool also....;)

    I checked on my iPhone.
  15. Georgina Kent

    Georgina Kent Member

    lol :p

    I've had the HTC for 2 weeks now, and I gotta say, it's a beautiful phone, really awesome :D
  16. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Hmm....I've read some great reviews...but I'll stick with Apple for now.

    Can you get Angry Birds on HTC?
  17. Georgina Kent

    Georgina Kent Member

    not sure haven't tried, will check :p
  18. Georgina Kent

    Georgina Kent Member

    Nope can't get it
  19. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Haha, like it. The HTC is quite snazzy. Though I'm so used to the iphone and how it already works with everything I had going on with my old ipod touch. Handy.

    Typo, iPhone + Bathwater = Insurance Claim.
    Knowing your blagging skills you'd get an iPhone 4 back!
  20. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    The games afoot....young Jim.

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