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On Friday 6th I went out in the snow for a walk in the woods with my girlfriend and took my camera along with me, we had a snowball fight and then carried on walking. I then realised I didn't have my camera :( we spent about 3 hours looking with no avail. I put a ad in the local paper and put flyers up where I lost it and nothing. Went out on my bike today and took a different route than I normally do and ended up going back the way where I lost my camera, it was completely swamped with puddles everyway and thick sloppy mud which I couldn't ride through so got off and was pushing bike through looked down and what was there on the floor covered in mud..........my camera :D I couldn't believe my luck, all my pictures are on my memory card and work fine and I have two years whatever happens cover with currys so getting fixed isn't a problem where as it wasn't covered with loss. Can't believe my luck i'm so chuffed right now lol just thought i'd share my lil story with you all.
Took the camera back to currys in Gloucetser today and I told them I dropped it in the snow and there was a puddle underneath it and was told that instant replacement was not covered by 'mishaps' and I would have to send it off which would take 3-4 weeks and if they can't repair it, which I doubt they would of been able to I would then have to request a replacement which could take another 3-4 weeks. So I went back to my car grabbed my pack of car interior wipes (wet wipes basically) and gave it a really good clean so there was no sign of mud. Then went to Currys in Chelenham and told them that it just stopped working, the girl fiddled around with it and she managed to close the lens cover and said

"there's mud on it, that's propbably why it's stuck"

so I said "oh is there, will I be able to replace it?"

"yeah up to 99.99"

10 minutes later I walk out with a better camera than before for an extra £20 and I still keep my extra protection (valid til may 2011) :D then picked my girfriend up from uni and went to McDonalds for lunch lol :D